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Natural Treatments for MRSA and Staph

Date: 2010-06-01

Entering an environment such as a hospital today is no longer the safe haven it once was. While visiting medical clinics or during a hospital stay, patients now struggle to stay healthy while being treated for an entirely different disorder. The bacterium strain Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA) is responsible for the rise of many difficult to treat infections in humans. A new reality in this area has curbed our use of antibiotics. Research has found that different strains of bacteria such as MRSA can actually survive by eating antibiotics “alone”.

Drug Free Ways to Aid Depression

Date: 2010-01-29

Mood disorders for all ages are bordering on epidemic proportions throughout the world. Our modern lifestyle has changed our inherent balance primarily through technology. We no longer rest when the sun goes down or eat food that is whole and void of chemicals. Everywhere we look today, people are living at a high speed pace with little thought of their internal environment until they crash. Most people run to their doctor demanding a quick fix. Drugs are no panacea. Almost a third of patients do not respond to antidepressants and the ones that do, find the drugs less effective over time coupled by unpleasant side effects. A collective accumulation of internal and external developments leads to a depressed state. It makes more sense to find natural, non drug ways to correct the imbalance of neurotransmitters like serotonin and other key elements involved with depression.

Super Immunity Properties in Foods

Date: 2010-01-29

The immune system is our hero, equipped with a series of defensive mechanisms which provides us with constant surveillance against invaders. Its primary function is to protect the body from bacteria, viruses, infection and the subsequent development of illness and disease. Our immune system and other related systems of the body become depressed through nutrient deficiencies.

Healthy Energy Drinks

Date: 2009-09-18

A new trend is fast tracking in the world of energy drinks. An outcry of public concern has prompted proactive companies to develop naturally healthy energy drinks, chemically free and nutritionally supportive while promoting sustained energy for increased stamina and reduced fatigue.

Natural Athletic Performance Enhancers

Date: 2009-09-18

Whether you are an Olympic contestant or a weekend warrior, athletes continually seek out any advantage to enhance their competitive performance. The list of sports performance enhancers is long and ever growing in the hope of gaining an edge over another competitor. Any advancement may make the difference in the outcome of a competition. The aim of natural athletic performance enhancers is to energize an athlete before and during a workout, increase muscular endurance and mental focus, while instilling calmness of the mind for better reflexes and timing. The following suggestions are categorized as ergogenic aids, which simply means, any substance that improves an athlete’s strength, speed or endurance.

Raw Food is Natures Way to Better Health and a Longer Life

Date: 2009-05-13

Culturally as human beings our evolution of food and its preparation is alarmingly opposed to our genetic makeup. Our inherent nature is to be predominately alkaline. We achieve this by eating a diet in accordance to our body’s natural law which includes 80% fruits and vegetables, and of that percentage, 70% should be raw. The quality and longevity of our life depends on meeting our body’s nutritional needs on a regular basis.

Resveratrol and Plant Sterols: Nutritional Precaution for Heart Health

Date: 2009-01-22

To ensure optimal nutrition, many people today are supplementing for general health as a nutritional precaution; another way to provide health insurance. To establish assurance that the body is well stocked with vital nutrition, daily supplementation has become just as important as eating right.

Lack of Vitamin D and Sunshine Pose a Hazard to Our Health

Date: 2009-01-22

As human beings, it is our natural instinct to be on a quest for better health and a longer life. Everyday research is showing us more and more benefits from consuming vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals. In growing numbers, a mind set of treatment mentality is shifting to one of being proactive in preventing illness before it occurs.

Top Foods (Acai Berry) for Anti-Aging

Date: 2008-10-07

Anti-aging is a hot topic today. Why are some people 10 to 15 years younger looking than their chronicle (real) age, while others appear well beyond their years? Viewing ourselves in the mirror is only a small portion of what is really happening within our bodies.

Flavonoids Benefit Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Associated with Autism

Date: 2008-07-31

Autism has increased tenfold in the last fifteen years. Without question there is a reason for such an escalation to occur. Despite many years of assuming that autism is primarily an untreatable brain disorder, today many children are being helped to get better by treating biological imbalances and the potential culprits rather than treating the resulting behaviour.

Acai Berry Provides Protection Against Breast Cancer

Date: 2008-07-06

The Acai berry (pronounced ah-sah-ee) appears to be the crown jewel among fruits and vegetables. This prized commodity is native to the rainforests of Brazil and the Amazon basin. Its claim to fame is primarily due to its extremely high ORAC score (oxygen radical absorption capacity), which measures the antioxidant capacity of a food. (Acai’s ORAC value is more than 6,000). Also, impressive by anyone’s standards are the copious amounts of phytonutrients found in the Acai fruit, keeping scientists busy identifying and cataloguing the numerous new compounds being discovered.

Fight Chronic Illness and Aging with Proteolytic Enzymes: Natural Medicines Modern Miracle

Date: 2008-06-05

Proteolytic enzymes are showing to be today’s modern miracle. Enzymes sustain life and can improve your quality of life. Your body contains approximately 5000 different enzymes, yet one cannot duplicate the function for another. As we age proteolytic enzymes decrease in our body. In fact, three days after the last drop of this enzyme is produced by our body, we are dead. Taken in supplement form, proteolytic enzymes have powerful applications to many health problems.

Prevent and Treat Diabetes; Type I & II: a Holistic Doctor’s Secrets

Date: 2008-06-05

Today, we have an arsenal of natural fighting tools, designed for prevention and treatment of diabetes whereby reducing or eliminating ones dependency on medication.

Restore and Maintain a Healthy Immune System

Date: 2008-06-05

All aspects of our lives impact the immune system. Raising the integrity of this system will ensure the future health of those already well, lessen the frequency of infections, speed up recovery time from illness and improve chronic disease.

Improve Your Memory and Mental Acuity

Date: 2008-06-05

Forgetting an occasional name or a birthday is a natural occurrence at any age. But it is not natural to experience memory lapses, become disoriented or confused with such frequency that it affects ones quality of life. Weakening cognitive abilities had been looked upon as a characteristic associated with advancing years.

Weight Loss Wonders: Hints to Keep New Years Resolutions

Date: 2008-06-05

Enthusiastically, we embark on a new year filled with grandiose ideas of throwing out the old and bringing in the new. Many times dietary efforts are hampered by unrealistic expectations. Typically, changing all bad habits overnight is overwhelming, leaving one frustrated and discouraged. Moderation is the key.

The Perfect Antioxidant to Enhance Your Immune System

Date: 2008-06-05

All aspects of our lives impact the immune system. This brilliantly orchestrated system eliminates and fights off attack from many different invaders throughout the body. Raising the integrity of this system will ensure the future health of those already well, lessen the frequency of infections, speed up recovery time from illness and improve chronic disease.

Liver Toxicity: The Effects, How to Prevent and How to Repair

Date: 2008-06-05

Each day we expose our liver to thousands of toxic chemicals. In the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and from our homes and workplaces. A healthy, well functioning liver with adequate antioxidant capacity is our body’s best defense and essentially determines whether or not a foreign substance has a toxic effect. Free radial formation is associated with degenerative disease and aging. Antioxidants kill free radials. Glutathione is our livers main antioxidant.

Effectively Manage Your Stress: a Holistic Doctor's Approach

Date: 2008-06-05

Stress occurs at all levels of life. It was traditionally implied that health was merely the absence of disease. The medical community has finally acknowledged that stress is not just in the mind, but in the body and can actually be measured. Controlling stress in your life is the most important measure in optimizing your health. Stress is an individual experience. How well we adapt, largely depends upon the health of our adrenal glands, the main component in surviving long periods of stress. Nutrient deficiencies can lead to physical and physiological stress while inversely, stress can deplete nutrients.

Reverse the Aging Process with Live Foods

Date: 2008-06-05

As hard as we try, we cannot improve on the foods nature provides. Vital nourishment is lost through the process of preserving, pickling, stewing and changing food’s natural state. Devitalized foods cannot build good blood, strong bodies or help us to maintain a youthful appearance. Disease can develop from the lack of nutrition in lifeless foods.

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